Dame Barbara Windsor gets ‘too confused’ to go to big events

Dame Barbara Windsor doesn't go to any showbiz events anymore because she gets "too confused."

Gwen Stefani didn’t want to leave The Voice

Gwen Stefani wanted to stay on as a coach on 'The Voice' USA and was devastated when bosses decided...

Kim Kardashian West is ‘really cautious’ about spending

Kim Kardashian West likes to keep her cash close to her chest because she's "cautious" about over spending.

Forget The Crown — The Actual Royal Family Is Heading To Your TV

The British are coming! The British are coming! And this time they are heading for our television screens.

‘Midway’ defeats ‘Doctor Sleep’ in Surprise Box Office Upset

By Rebecca Rubin LOS ANGELES, (Variety.com) - In a surprise box office win, Roland Emmerich's World War I epic...

Miley Cyrus to spend ‘several weeks in silence’ after op

Miley Cyrus has been told not to talk for "several weeks" following her recent surgery on her vocal cords.

Kirsten Dunst wants another baby

Kirsten Dunst has admitted she would like to have another baby with her partner Jesse Plemons before they get...

Pete Townshend will only smash guitars for charity

The Who's Pete Townshend will only smash a guitar again to raise money for charity, after spending the height...

Helen Mirren wants to be de-aged in a film

Dame Helen Mirren admits that she finds the concept of de-ageing in cinema "very interesting" and would allow CGI...

Caitlyn Jenner: Kylie Jenner is a ‘wonderful mom’

Caitlyn Jenner says Kylie Jenner is a "wonderful mom" to daughter Stormi.