NFL BITES: Panthers TE Greg Olsen KO’d; RGIII Stiff-armed 49ers Coach; AB Sends Hint to Patriots

02/12/2019 Source: CelebN

NFL BITES: Panthers TE Greg Olsen KO’d; RGIII Stiff-armed 49ers Coach; Philip Rivers Could Be Benched; AB Sends Hint to Patriots

We have some NFL BITES highlighting what went down this weekend in the NFL with Greg Olsen, Robert Griffin III, and Antonio Brown.

First, you have to see the shocking helmet-to-helmet hit that knocked Panthers’ tight end, Greg Olsen.

Then, check out how Robert Griffin III stiff-armed 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan. And The Los Angeles Chargers Philip Rivers Could Be Benched.

Lastly, Antonio Brown trying to help the New England Patriots get the hint they NEED him back on the team. Read on to get all the latest tea on Greg Olsen KO’d, RGIII Stiff-arms 49ers Coach, Philip Rivers Could Be Benched, and AB Hint To Patriots… reports that during the game against the Washington Redskins vs Panthers game.

The Panthers tight end Greg Olsen took a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit that knocked him out on cold on the field.

Luckily Greg Olsen eventually got up and walk to the sidelines (As seen above).

Robert Griffin III Stiff Arms 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan:

Following the Baltimore Ravens Week 13 win over the San Francisco 49ers, it was time for opposing teams to greet each other on the field. Ravens backup quarterback Robert Griffin III gave 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan a stiff arm and got him to stop and shake his hand before leaving the field.

The Chargers Philip Rivers Could Be Benched:

The Chargers Philip Rivers stock is quickly falling with his team and now he might get him benched if his struggles continue.

Ian Rapoport reports that the Los Angeles Chargers have not been satisfied with the play of veteran quarterback Philip Rivers over the past few weeks. Over the past two games, the Chargers QB has thrown a total of seven interceptions which has resulted in 2 losses in those games.

If he continues to play that badly, the team will put him on the bench in favor of Tyrod Taylor.

Antonio Brown seriously wants to get back to the NFL.

Most importantly, Antonio Brown wants back on his former team in the New England Patriots.

During the Texans blowout game on Sunday Night Football game, AB took to Twitter and sent out multiple tweets implying that the Patriots missed him on offense.

He is right, the Patriots NEED the free-agent wide receiver back on the team ASAP!

AB made sure to play “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. Will The Patriots get the Hint!

Check his tweets:

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